Our Boat

We are blessed to be the caretakers of a 1986 Kadey Krogen trawler.  As we provision and commission for the summer, stay tuned.  There is much to learn…

7 thoughts on “Our Boat

  1. Looking forward to reading about your first adventure! Cindy’s tour suggestion is a great one! get in touch with me as soon as it’s feasible about the rendezvous for the wedding, please. Peggy and Dave


    1. Thanks Ruth for checking in and leaving a note.
      We are so pleased to have family and friends following along. We hope to see you later this summer!


  2. Laughing out loud about your windy night. (And Chain Biter. And the rest of your learned-the-hard-way lessons.) Also reminding myself that it could be windy when we come aboard too. You have no idea how happy I was to see the word “dinghy” in your narrative. Kayak was mentioned, and that just doesn’t seem suitable for my age and condition! Keep those blogs coming….


  3. We are so thrilled to get to follow along on your journey. We admire (with a little envy thrown in) this opportunity you are having to expereince more of our Pacific Northwest. The San Juan’s are SO awesome. What a sturdy, steady boat your “Kadey Krogen trawler seems to be. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER… Love Jude and Mark.


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