We’ve arrived; no, just beginning…

Mike here.  I have been noticeably absent from the updates.  I can’t remember a time that has been busier.  Retirement is normally framed with the easy chair and some boredom.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We spent two weeks as Beth noted, getting ready to go.  From sun up to a very late sun down, there were details to get in place.  There are some that just won’t be finished, but it is time to get going.   I am learning that the journey toward the goal is in fact the goal.  Isn’t life like that?

A good example of this is the ‘neighbor’ that was parked next to us in the boat yard.  He is a genuine, kind person named Rick.  He plays a mean guitar, offers all variety of assistance to those around him –  especially those who, like us don’t have a clue which end of the screwdriver to use.  We might be there to get a boat ready, but the rich, meaningful part has been the people we’ve encountered.  Here is a picture of Rick and Beth drinking just a bit of great champagne.  She is launched! (The boat -not Beth!  See the water in the background?)  And by the way, there is a tradition of pouring a bit of libation overboard for the sea gods.  We didn’t change Voyagers name, so just a few drops went over the side…


We had a great learning day getting out of la Conner.  The channel is narrow with current and tide dictating when a prudent departure should occur.  We calculated and voila – success.  (For those of you that are counting; we did put a little scratch in the side of boat with our first docking attempt.  I’ll learn about fixing fiberglass at some point.  Perhaps we will accumulate a couple of dings so I can do them all at once – ha, ha. I will scrub the bright yellow paint off that gives us away at first glance.)  Our first night at anchor will be at a Washington State marine park called Spencer Spit.  It is very quiet, peaceful and we have just started.  Here is the view through the window as I write…

On the water – Spencer Spit
Thanks for following along.  Pray for us.  The good Lord is looking out for us, and for you too.  Leave us a note so we know you are reading.


17 thoughts on “We’ve arrived; no, just beginning…

  1. Hi Mike, Doug here. Boy can I identify with you. With my current sailboat, I have christened her three or four times leaving or returning to the slip leaving superficial abrasions. Learning about gelcoat/fiberglass repair. Learning a lot about marine Diesel engines, electrical,electronic systems. Loving it, eventhough at times it’s work. A different life to be sure. I consider it a privelage to experience this time on the water. The longest sail I’ve had so far was from Antioch to Monterey. Humbling at times, we did this recently. Well, it’s good to see u on your way. What a journey it will be. It’s good to know that the Lord will be your “deck hand” along with your first mate. So much to see & so much to learn. ⛵️😊 Doug


  2. It looks like you are off to a great start. Enjoying your blogs and looking forward to more.
    Prayers and Love, Jackie and Earl


  3. So thrilled for you guys. What an adventure! It’s great to follow along with you. Thanks so much for doing this blog. Miss and love both of you so much. Of course you are in my prayers, but I have to admit I am a little envious too. Hugs and kisses from Jillimom.


  4. Thank you for taking us along on your journey. We get to enjoy the view (and the life lessons) without the work…ha, ha. Love you guys…Blessings…Wendy & Steve


  5. Awesome, so happy for you two. Ken and I will love following you on your adventure. We will be praying.


  6. What a fabulous picture of the water as you start your adventures! I think this will be a wonderful life chapter for you both. We’ll enjoy it all from home… Love to you both, Peggy and Dave


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