Attitude is Everything

Here we are in Garrison Bay, Wa.

A Full Moon Rise – Garrison Bay

We had several days in Friday Harbor:

We had the great and unique opportunity to meet the prior owners of Voyager, our boat.  It has been based here and serendipity brought us to the engineering office that I had seen on some of the boat’s paperwork.  We went in and introduced ourselves.  John and Janet are great folks and helped us out with many answered questions.

Chain Biter (our affectionate name for the windlass –  the thing that lets chain out and brings it back when we put out the anchor – continues to demand attention with a new switch and a newly fabricated, stainless steel chain ‘shucker’ installed, so we are in control as opposed to the random starts that Beth described in her previous note.  Think Grrr  Grrr – very loud, middle of the night…  We are all set, right?  Probably not.  The computer that runs the navigation program crashed, the generator battery charger didn’t work so the generator wouldn’t start.  (I have a spare, so not to worry…) We were there for five days, but at some point, it is time to go…  Yes, we got these things working – sort of…

A portable battery charger is a good backup.  Don’t forget the black tape…

How could I be smiling when faced with this seemingly continual list of repairs and breakdowns?

I have a new idea that could at the very least, change my attitude and perhaps yours, regarding ‘success’.  Let me explain:  Why would two reasonable, relatively sane people leave a comfortable home, in a great neighborhood for an uncertain future on a 32-year-old boat?  We would be subject to the elements of weather, uncertain reliability of the boat, no routine, and ‘hardship’ in general.

Because we could…

We are having a great time even though there is always more stuff to fix.  It is never done or perfect.  We GET To be here, now.  We are laughing more.  I guess I am learning about contentment despite circumstance.

Here is the path we walked today…


I hope this note finds you healthy, content, laughing, thankful and surrounded by meaningful relationship. Here is an article that lists some things you can do if you feel in a rut:  It is a checklist of sorts…

Life is a gift and so are you!

Thankful for you,


4 thoughts on “Attitude is Everything

  1. We continue to enjoy your adventures from the comforts of home. And…yes…it’s wonderful to be content despite our circumstances. Love you guys!!! Wendy & Steve


  2. I love that you are doing this and laughing your way through. You know what they say about owning a boat 😊. Your path through the trees was gorgeous. Big hugs to both of you.



  3. It is great to catch up with you. What a wonderful life! So glad that you are enjoying every minute. You are missing a short hot spell in Murphys. Bet you’re happy about that. God bless you each and every day. He is faithful. Love, Lynn and Ken


  4. Great entry. Yes, adventures, complications, surprises, but the key word was “laughing” more. What an awesome picture of the forest walk. Closer to God, closer to each other, what more can anyone ask? Love you guys BUNCHES! I’m truly “living the life” through your blogs.



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