Paths and the ever present Mount Baker

The title page reads ‘random musing of a couple of newbie retirees’ or something similar.  I have been musing a bit on life’s paths.  These thoughts have been inspired by some beautiful walks we’ve been enjoying.  We don’t have a car, just a boat – so we walk.

The seldom traveled county road on Stuart Island
A more narrow path going from one side of Hope Island to the other…
A very faint trail on Stuart Island
I sometimes wonder, ‘how did I get here?’  We sometimes ask each other this because the wonder or beauty of the moment causes us to be more present and thankful.  Part of this feeling comes from the contrast from my working life and this new life with Beth.  We are very glad to be together, but also out of the office.  It was a quick transition.  So far, retirement is more like a vacation.  I hope it continues…

There’s the boat, but how do I get there?
What if the way is not clear?  You want to get somewhere, but there isn’t a road.  (Here’s where it gets philosophical.  Just look at the pictures if I get too wordy…)  Just two words: Mount Baker

Seemingly Ever Present: Mt. Baker
Everywhere we turn, there he is… Beth: ‘What mountain is that?’  Mike: ‘Mount Baker’

The guy we met here said: ‘Great, I don’t have to die, I already made it to heaven.  This place is heaven!’
Watmough Bay is really nice.  There is only room for the three boats in the harbor, so we rode real bikes (not the circus bikes) about 15 miles to be here.  There wasn’t room for Voyager to anchor, but maybe next time.  That looks like Mt. Baker in the distance.  Yes, it is…  Here is Baker again…

Obstruction Pass with Mt. Baker presiding
The ancient book of Proverbs says it this way:  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths”

Our path really hasn’t been ours to choose.  The work journey, the retirement journey, and even the day-to-day paths that stretch out before us, are not our own.  That may sound ridiculous since our culture seems to say that we are ‘captains of our own ships’ – that our choice determines our journey.  Beth and I simply have not found this to be the case.  We have placed our ‘trust’ in Jesus and like the Ever Present Mount Baker, He is the guide.  Sometimes Mount Baker is not visible while cruising the San Juan Islands, but just around the corner, or over the ridge, it is always there.  This is what I have found with the paths that have made up my life: God may not always be visible, but He is always there. 

Yep, Mt. Baker – from the top of Mt. Constitution – Orcas Island
If you look to the west, you probably won’t see Mt. Baker but you might get to see a really nice sunset…

Deception Pass State Park
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10 thoughts on “Paths and the ever present Mount Baker

  1. Sure looks like you’re having a wonderful summer….keep up the good adventures and keep us landlubbers up to date 🤗⚓️
    Hugs to you both, Paula

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Ruth,
      The Orca quest is on going. I would would love to see them, although not too close please. They are carnivorous. I’ll be the first out of the water and pictures will be coming your way.
      Thanks for staying in touch.


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