View Point – It’s Changing

When we started out several months ago (or years if you count dreaming), I had a certain ‘view’ of how our time would be spent.  The summer is really winding down in the Northwest and the season changing.  It has been raining for the past two weeks.  So our enthusiasm for time on the boat is waning.  Perspective is changing too.  We were once excited to just be ‘on the boat’.  With the rain and the diminished outdoor opportunities, the space is small.  We will be working to put our ‘Big Girl’ to bed for the winter starting this coming week.  I’ll update the boat page with some of the details.

We spent the last month in Canada.  I’ll use this as an excuse to mention that it has been a long time since I wrote a post here.  There is the whole internet, communication, cell coverage problem, but really we have just been preoccupied.  I’ll let Beth write about the specific locations.  But to briefly outline the past few weeks, we had some friends spend some cruise time with us.  We also attended a Kady Krogen (the brand of our boat) specific rendezvous in a remote spot north of Vancouver, BC.  The highlight for me was a long run up into the fjord called Princess Louisa Inlet – majestic, beautiful.

Princess Beth
Princess Beth or Princess Louisa? You don’t get to do this just everyday.
at anchor Louisa
A secluded, calm place
kayak at anchor
This is the time to kayak

It was at the end of this portion of the journey that I ran into an idea.  It has to do with perspective and how my view point was challenged.  Let me explain: sometimes seemingly random encounters get me thinking.  This occurred while leaving the boat at a small marina in Egmont, British Columbia.   We were out for a walk and this sign was hand written on a chalk board.

art of living quote

I don’t know who L. P. is, but he might be onto something.  I used to think that work was a four letter word.  Oh, I guess it is…  (You know what I mean – something bad – to be avoided.) This blending of voluntary work and REcreation is what retirement has gifted me.  The summary statement above simply rings true.   My work life tended to have sharp distinctions between ‘work and play’, so I guess from the quote I wasn’t much of a “Master in the Art of Living”.  But isn’t this the goal – this art of living?  Since retirement and living on the boat, there is plenty of work to do, but without the sense of compulsion or duty.  I truly love all the jobs involved with being out on the water. (Well, maybe not all the jobs… that can be a story for another time.)  It is a pleasure.

Is it possible to blur the distinction between work and play, labor and leisure, education and recreation?  I think so…  I appreciate all the more those who do ‘work’ because of a sense of duty and sacrifice.  This too is important!

Let me know what you think.

I hope this finds you well.


9 thoughts on “View Point – It’s Changing

  1. L. P is a wise person. Glad you enjoyed Canada and are back to where you can Blog again. I have missed your them, so wonderful to hear from you. Please give Beth a hug for me.
    Hugs to both of you💞
    Lynette and Steve

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  2. The pictures are stunning – looks like a must see place. The quote gives pause to thought and wish that I could have seen that when I was working.
    Save travels home.

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  3. Can’t wait to hear from Beth with you all coming back. Maybe some day a Panama Canal trip 😉 Glad you all are safe and ready to be back in somewhat civilization 🙂 blessings to you both as you continue this retired journey.
    Much Love,

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  4. My Dad, who is 85, has been retired for twenty years. His version of work, play, passion is volunteering. He never seems to tire when his help is needed. He has the “knack” for fixing things. Mobility carts, powered wheelchairs, HVAC, commercial kitchen equipment, whatever is broke. He thrives doing this and it has kept him young and connected to the community. They call him “The Cart Whisperer” . I think he has it nailed, Mike. I want to be like my Dad. Blessings
    Eric and Janet

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    1. Hello Eric.
      I appreciate your thoughtful comment. It seems your Dad has ‘a gift’. And, he is willing to give it away…
      One of my favorite quotes:
      “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in order gain that which he cannot lose’
      Jim Elliot


  5. When you truly enjoy your work or have the compulsion to do certain things the lines DO get blurred. And as the saying goes it is better to wear out that rust out.
    Bob Sawyer

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