The off season

Thanks for following our adventure.  We enjoy experiencing the challenges and adventure of the Northwest and boating during the summer, but I thought a winter update would be in order.

We are busy! How do people find time to ‘work’?  Don’t misunderstand here.  The morning coffee time does extend until 8:30 most days, so we aren’t on the run by any stretch.  Life is good.  Beth has played music for our church and Bluegrass with friends.  She exercises and attends yoga.  Playing in the dirt fills in a portion of her time, as she loves her garden.   Carver, our 3 year old grandson is often here for sleep overs and ‘adventures.’  This alone keeps us smiling, and a little bit tired.

Tree Filtered
A gift that hangs by our front door – thanks Nyssa!

Just as every thriving family tree has a visible upper part, it also has roots – unseen and hopefully deep.  The same is true for our faith.  With all things boating on hold, we are thankful for the things that run deep and have importance.  We hope you are allowing some of the trivial, even the fun stuff to go for awhile and focus on the people around you.  We count our many blessings.

A new anchor: It sure looks big.  Does your anchor set deep and hold fast?

With the great spring weather, thoughts are turning toward summer.  The ‘boat box’ is beginning to expand.  All winter I throw those random pieces and bits that we accumulate for the boat into a box.  There is a whole list of new things to do…  Check out the ‘boat page’ for some of the projects…  We hope to at least have a ‘maintenance year’ if the boating is postponed…

I hope this finds you well and thriving



3 thoughts on “The off season

  1. Hello Friends! I have been checking and now we have an update! It sounds like there will be another season of adventure on the water. How exciting! When I think about the anchor anology, I know that anchors need a little weight to set into the sand correctly and to prevent shock on the line. Anchor chain is usually the goto. Christ is like the anchor chain. A relationship with Him holds us fast in lifes current. He absorbs the strain and tugs on our life anchoring our faith.


  2. Thanks for the comments Eric. How a few weeks can change things! While contemplating what a pandemic might do for leisure activities like boating, I am praying for those that are sick and the unemployed. May the news soon change. We are hopeful that life on the water and life for everyone can resume soon.


  3. I found your blog on my laptop this morning. Actually I found the icon for your blog and have enjoyed reading it and drinking my first cuppa coffee. We use my laptop when we travel, and Sanders had added your blog and I didn’t know it so I have just had the best time with you this morning! I remember our S/V Good News and all the fun we had when we sailed the bays of San Diego and San Francisco on her. And the times we bare boat chartered in the Bahamas, and Florida and Bellingham and Puget Sound. I am looking forward to your adventures!

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