Milestone:  a point used to measure progress toward a goal

The journey sometimes becomes more meaningful than the original objective. Perhaps the long-standing goal of taking the inside passage in our own boat to Alaska is a worthy goal, but the realization of the dream only emphasizes the path it took to get here.

Voyager at rest after 600 miles at sea

There are easier ways to see Alaska. Before cruise ship travel became the pariah it has become, thousands of people with a dream of the Last Frontier would flock here. This mode of travel was relatively easy and quick. You wouldn’t have to wait until retirement. Many itineraries would fit just about anyone’s schedule and budget. We opted for a more intimate experience, albeit more difficult. There must have been a sense that in the difficulty there would be commensurate reward. As I write, we are at the end of a deep fiord – alone, with only the sound of waterfalls and wildlife. All of this in Misty Fiord National Wilderness, a place that receives on average ½” of rain per DAY. Today is cloudless – a gift to us. It causes me to wax philosophic…

Many are curious about the cost. It is hard, if not impossible to quantify how much it cost. Sure, you could tally receipts and come up with numbers, but real cost is deeper. A dream requires the imagination of what could be, that something could be missing or maybe better than a current state of being. And, to actually move toward its fulfillment, you must believe. Most often dreams are too expensive – the perceived journey prohibitive. There is worthy competition too. Earlier in life, before retirement, family and work commitments are part of the journey.

There is usually something to fix – just a light bulb here. The boat is running great…

As you may have gathered from earlier posts, we are not life long mariners. Big Girl (Voyager) is our first boat. It has been a joy (most of the time) to learn new skills together in the retirement season of life. For example, how do you anchor in a fiord? The depths are crazy deep – over a thousand feet sometimes. It is sometimes possible to hook up right where it gets shallow enough at the head of the bay. We are still learning and relying on each other.

This where the bears hang out too.

Another hidden ‘cost’ of a bucket list dream is distance, and not just the mileage kind. Yes, we are close to two thousand miles from home and at 7 mph, it is a long way. The distance from family and community is a sacrifice indeed. These are the intangibles that will eventually bring us ‘home’. We’ve decided to simply come back with friends. Sharing the journey will be great.

The larger journey – whether it is a lifelong goal or not, is really the thing. Experiencing love in the context of family and community along with some of God’s great beauty, is what I am thankful for…

What is a milestone in your journey?

– mike

8 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and the beautiful pictures of Alaska.
    Alaska was on Earl’s bucket list as it is still on mine. I probably would have cruised Alaska had it not been for the pandemic. Will I make it yet? Only the Lord knows that one.
    I leave for Washington on the 7th to attend my grandson’s wedding on the 10th. Looking forward to being with my pacific northwest family.
    Love and prayers to two special people. Jackie

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  2. What a beautiful message about your lifes milestone journey. For me right now as I am packing up my Mom to bring her to Murphys it is to help her navigate the remaining time in her life. I am praying for courage and peace for her and myself. Blessings

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  3. What spectacular scenery, and you have the pleasure of being closer than a cruise ship would allow. We are enjoying it vicariously with you. Keep these posts coming!

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  4. WAIT, don’t start your return voyage yet . . . The Aleutians are just over the horizon!!
    ❤️❤️ Hugs and Loves to you both, Becky

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  5. Dear M and B, the Voyagers,
    We so enjoy traveling vicariously with you two, boating along side. Thank you for sharing your writing gift with us. We pray for your safe journey (and for C to stay in its cage). We have such fun memories of our trip up there two years ago. Lv Kathi and Doug

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  6. Bicycling along the Virgin River. Taking aSunday drive on aMonday to get a cheeseburger in a quaint town, watching sunsets and clouds from our new backyard…

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