When In Alaska…

There are some things you just have to get used to when visiting Alaska.  One of those things is rain and drizzle – lots of it.  A positive result of all that rain is the lush rainforest and abundance of green meadow grasses which cover the land.  After experiencing drought in California for years, the abundant shades of green are a refreshing sight for sore eyes.  Oh, to export some of this water to that thirsty southern land!  There is a downside to lots of water, though:  Mud.  Sticky, slippery, messy mud.  The hearty Alaska dwellers have come up with a solution to the problem by adopting an almost universal uniform for the feet.  This uniform is the Xtra Tuf boot.  The boots come in a few different styles:  Short tops for puddles and boat decks, and taller boots for fishermen and those wading through deeper muck.  I call it a uniform because you see these boots worn everywhere, even when it isn’t raining.  Because, you know, it WILL rain eventually, and you wouldn’t want to get caught out without your Xtra Tufs.

Here’s Mike, modeling the short top version. These definitely have house slippers beat, especially when you’re engaged in pulling up the anchor, or hosing down the deck.

Raising the anchor
Do the boots make the man? No!
The man makes the boots.

And here’s my pair. I like the higher boot, because I’m the one who jumps into the shallows from the dinghy and drags it to shore, while Mike is dealing with the motor at the stern.

Ready for action!

We are right at the height of fashion in Alaska. Or at the very least we don’t stand out too badly as outsiders. We love our boots, and we think these Alaskans are Extra Smart.

Tuf love!

7 thoughts on “When In Alaska…

  1. When function and fashion collide! I have a pair of boots somewhat similar and they are incredible in wet and cold…don’t know if they are as “Tuf” as yours! Haha


  2. Hey M and B, we have our boots and slickers in our suitcases and will be at the mouth of the Kasilof River tomorrow for dip netting and camping at Cohoe State Campground near Cooke Inlet. See you there!! Lv k and d

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  3. Nothing like the right equipment to make one feel nearly invincible. My fav boots are Bogs, I love splashing through puddles and smooshing through mud with those bad boys on!


  4. I really enjoyed your description of the Alaskan towns. Sounds like places I would enjoy. You guys need to write a book!!


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