The time of our lives, whether we like it or not…

We’re having the time of our lives, whether we like it or not.

A friend says, “That’s a sail boat.  Sometimes they anchor that way”
We have enjoyed the beginning of the cruising season in the great Pacific Northwest.

There are always the preparations that seem to go on and on and this startup was no different.  I am continually asking myself, “how important is it?”  I could be in the getting ready mode forever if this inner dialog didn’t occur.  There are many folks in boat yards that actually never leave because they aren’t ready.  How important is it?  Will the boat float without those extra batteries, or the dental floss?  Sure.  Will the engine run if the railings lack the last coat of varnish?  You bet.  Let’s go…


There is that nagging thought at the last moment when I wonder as the boat is touching the water, “Did I remember to do everything?”  I know that we didn’t do everything, but the boat floats and even starts, so we did the important stuff.  It does feel really great to have done just a few things in the off season that so far have made a tremendous difference.  From last year’s adventure, you might recall our anchoring difficulties with the infamous ‘Chain Biter.’  The windlass would start at any random time due to wet switches.  These have been completely replaced instead of a continuation of last year’s attempted repairs, and the problem is solved.  Thanks, Eric also, for the gear oil recommendation.  Chain Biter chews with his mouth closed and is much quieter.

While exercise is lacking living on a boat, the ‘opportunity’ to get aerobic every time we put the dingy up on the boat deck was a heart racing event.  This year with the addition of a big red Milwaukee drill, we can raise the little boat without hand cranking, just like the big yachts that have cranes.  Just push the button….  (Well, almost like the big yachts – they have ‘staff’ for such duties.)

Thanks John! What a great, low tech idea.

The aesthetic stuff is satisfying too.  The pilot house doors and the on-going teak deck restoration are looking great too.

The welcome mat matches.  Cymbre, You’re the best!

There is a lot to be said for living in the moment.  I could get anxious about all the stuff to do on the boat.  The goal is to enjoy the thing.  Right?  Even sanding?   No, I don’t like it…  So, here is the challenge for me and you:  have the time of your life right here and right now.   I know that some times are truly bad, but these are the things, along with the good that make texture in life.   I’ll leave the sanding for now and enjoy the view.  It’s worth it…



Having the time of our lives whether we even know it or like it…


9 thoughts on “The time of our lives, whether we like it or not…

  1. Hi Mike & Beth…We didn’t know you left “the hood”….we miss you already…have a great summer adventure…Hugs…Steve & Wendy


  2. What a beautiful view. Loved your post and keep them coming so we can enjoy vicariously through your adventures and be reminded of “stuff” 🙂


  3. That view is worth all your hard work! We’ve been cleaning out our garage, so I’ve been trying to apply the “time of our lives” to that job, but we don’t have that view at the end! At least we can see from one side to the other again.


  4. Well then, Bon Voyage. Love to hear your blog. All is well in Murphys. Weather is beautiful not hot yet!! Have the time of your life this minute and the next and the next. Blessings.


  5. We didn’t know you had left “the hood”…have a great summer adventure…Hugs…Steve & Wendy


  6. “Texture”….I love that thought. We often think of “having the time of our lives” as being the best times, but NOW is the time of our lives good and not so good just with a little “texture”!

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